Hybrid Modern Kilts

¬†Hybrid Modern KiltsYou love the look of a Classic Tartan Plaid Modern Kilts because it represents your cultural heritage as a proud Scotsman. At the same time, you love the ruggedness and modern appeal of Contemporary¬†Utility Kilt.How can you ever decide which one to buy? Well with the Tartan Box Pleated Hybrid Kilt, you don’t have to choose at all!Our fashion-forward hybrid.

Our fashion-forward Modern Hybrid Kilts gives you the best of both worlds in one comfortable, artisan crafted flared design.The majority of this unique Kilt is made out of 100 percent cotton fabric in your favorite of six colors, but inside of the box pleats, we use a Classic Tartan Plaid Fabric for a touch of the traditional kilt. Perfect for any casual occasion or for wear on the job, the Tartan Box Pleated Hybrid Kilt has detachable snap down flap cargo pockets at the hips and additional D-ring straps for attaching other accessories or repositioning the pocket.

Our signature embroidered lion appears on the corner of the pocket of the made-to-measure kilt.