Leather Kilts

The Ultimate, Chic yet Traditional Show-Stopper

You put on men’s leather kilts and immediately catch every eye in the room. Imagine what would happen when the king of fabric comes together with the best of Scottish tradition? With a range of 7 colors to choose from, and easy maintenance, our Men’s Leather Kilts collection is certainly not an offer to be missed. At the Scottish Kilt Shop, we have added the versatility and finesse of leather into this already prospective bet. While presenting our leather utility kilts, we would never cease to uphold the centuries-old kilt-making traditions! However, it doesn’t hurt to add contemporary elements through leather detailing to suit today’s gentleman. Our Custom leather kilt is the ultimate, fiery garment that deserves a place in your go-to wardrobe. You can personalize and completely customize the kilts with hardware and color choices that suit your personality. Now wade through our collection of leather kilts for sale and flaunt yourself to turn every eye towards you.

Leather Utility Kilts
Leather Utility Kilts

Leather Utility Kilt

Best for festivals & Night Clubs

Genuine Leather Kilts with Latest Styles & Designs

Today, kilt designers are creating styles out of unique materials that appeal to modern gents. Genuine leather is produced from the hide of an animal, usually a cow, however, lamb, ostrich and goat leather is also available. Today, these kilts come in a variety of colors. Black and brown are more traditional, but you can also find kilts in red, blue, green and other hues.