Hybrid Kilts

A Friendly Reminder to our Legacy Reimagined in Style

Remember when you wished to show off your tartan design at work or casually in the streets? With our uber-chic and practical hybrid kilt designs, the struggle to manage tradition and trend is over. The two-tone kilt designs are specially meant to suit everyday outfit requirements. Thus, each piece is a fusion of contemporary and traditional designs. We offer leather and denim overlays over the traditional kilt structure. The fabrics are easy to maintain, machine-washable, and sourced from credible tanneries. Each piece comes with multi-functional pockets and additional loops for a better silhouette. Truth be told, we do not see how this contemporary take on Scottish tartans and kilts is not the game-changer outfit for all. Remember you are investing in a Hybrid Utility Kilt that represents more than just a garment in our collection. Furthermore, the order process is smooth, quick, and guaranteed to bring your made-to-measure product to your doorstep in 2-3 weeks.

Mix & Match Hybrid Kilt
Mix & Match Hybrid Kilt

Mix & Match Kilt

Hybrid Kilt With Sporran

LGBT Gay Pride Rainbow Hybrid Kilt

Our LGBT Gay Pride Hybrid Kilt is made of 100% cotton fabric. Multiple colour box pleats are used to enhance its beauty and with the front apron colour scheme we make it a proper rainbow kilt. We offer you the maximum options to opt for your required waist and length. This kilt is introduced to pay tribute to the LGBT community.

Hybrid Kilts - A Little Bit Traditional & Little Bit Modern

The Hybrid Kilt is a modernised kilt. It is the combination of Tartan and Utility Kilt. This allows more comfortability while retaining the true nature of the tartan kilt. It gives the same traditional look of a kilt but with a more conventional look and with the ability to hold essentials.