Hybrid Kilts & Skirts

Hybrid Kilts & Skirts for Women | Top Quality Custom Made 

Women's style has continued to evolve over the years, just as the kilt has since its inception. When these two types of dress merge together, they create beautiful women's kilts that allow ladies to wear their Scottish heritage with pride just as easily as their male counterparts do. Women's kilts are made to fit the unique shape of a woman instead of a man, making them as flattering, comfortable and stylish no matter what type you choose.


At Scottish Kilt Shop, we give women more ways than ever to enjoy kilt wearing, and that goes far beyond standard tartan kilts. We offer utility kilts that give their wearers just as much style and intrigue as any other kilt but with a modern touch and plenty of functionality that no other kilts can offer. These utility kilts put a modern twist on classic kilt styles while also offering the benefit of pockets and loops that make it easier for you to store items like wallets, phones, keys and other items close at hand.


Scottish Kilt Shop not only offers such versatility when it comes to women's kilts, but we make each one to measure as soon as you order it. The result is a kilt that fits perfectly straight out of the package, one that you will want to put on straight away and never take off due to the comfort of the garment. Send in your hip and waist size, kilt length and fell measurement to customize the fit specifically to you.