Scottish Kilt
At Scottish Kilt Shop, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute best kilts. We know that once people try on our kilts, they love them, but it takes a lot of work for us to get the word out about our kilts. We’ve found that one of the best ways to promote our Scottish Kilts is by asking our customers to help.
We know that writing reviews, taking photos and shooting videos takes time, and we greatly appreciate the help from our customers. That’s why we’ve put together the following promotional programs that entitle you to free gifts and discounts for promoting Scottish Kilt Shop.

Video Review Discount Program

Video Reviews help people see how kilts look and learn more about them, and they’re a great promotional tool. If you make a reward video and then post it on YouTube, we’ll give you a $100 discount coupon as a thank you. Be honest in your review; you’ll get the coupon no matter what the content says.

Monthly Video Review Contest

Every month, we hold a contest for new video reviews posted during the month. Share your video with friends and family and promote it via social media to get the most views possible. The winner with the most views will receive a free hybrid kilt worth up to $150.
Before making a review video kindly watch the below link and follow the instructions.

Discount Coupon

Forum Review Discount Program

Forums are a place where people go to learn more about kilts in order to make a more informed buying decision when they’re ready to purchase a kilt. Your review can help people discover the Scottish Kilt Shop.Take the time to write an honest review of your new kilt on KiltForum,,  and on and we’ll give you a $50 discount coupon toward a future purchase.

We love seeing photos of our customers in their kilts and can use photos for promotional purchases. That’s why we’ll give you a $20 Discount Coupon just for sending us pictures of yourself in your kilt!

Free Tartan Wallet

Let people know that you just purchased a new kilt from the Scottish Kilt Shop and we’ll reward you. Share your purchase on your social media accounts, and we’ll send a free tartan wallet with your order. With our promotional programs, you can score great merchandise and get great deals on new Kilts. You’ll also be helping us spread the word about our kilts. Our promotional programs allow us to keep advertising costs to a minimum so that we can keep our prices affordable and pass the savings along to you. Truly, everyone wins when you participate! If you have questions about any of these promotional programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

The custom of getting dressed up in Kilt attires is not just restricted to Scots or Irish. It’s now recognized worldwide. Kilt-loving creatures from all over the world make use of this gifted opportunity to win FREE KILT. You Just need to take a beautiful picture wearing Kilt, then upload it here, and you’re all set to become one of the winners of FREE KILT. Just share it with your friends and family to vote for you. More the votes better the chances of winning this contest.

Win a free kilt

What To Consider For Making Video Review