McCulloch Tartan

The McCulloch name is shrouded in mystery, with its origins unknown for the most part. However, it is prominently found in Galloway, with a charter describing its origin as "ultra memoriam hominum." The name likely comes from the Gaelic Mac Cullaich or Mac C(h)ullach, meaning "son of (the) boar." The first recorded instance of the name was in 1296 when Thomas Maculagh del counte de Wyggetone rendered homage to Edward I of England Throughout history, there have been numerous other McCullochs recorded, including Sir Patrick Macologhe in 1360, who had to pay a 100 marks annuity for his allegiance with the king of England. Additionally, there was David M’Ulloch of Gutters, who was one of the Committee of War in August 1643.
The Earls of Ross were followed by the Maccullochs of Tarrel, Plaids, Kindeace, and Glastulich The McCulloch Tartan is a vibrant combination of green, red, blue, black and white, making it a truly unique design. Its pattern consists of thick, bold lines that give it a strong and masculine feel, making it perfect for those looking for a tartan that exudes power and confidence. This tartan is perfect for any occasion, The colors of the tartan make it easy to match with any outfit, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.
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