Hybrid Camo Kilts

Scottish Legacy with a Modern Style

Dependable practicality, elements of patriotism, and most of all, a perfect ode to the Celtic heritage, our Hybrid Camo Kilts are certainly a class of their own. Their individualistic aura and mastery of skill together contribute towards making these kilts a fairly reasonable choice for the rugged outdoors. This particular variation in printed kilts is ideal for hunting or highland gaming. Composed out of a lightweight camouflage print/color as per the consumer's preference, they are adept at withstanding circumstances of sturdy nature. Integrating the hybrid style with the convenience of utility kilts makes it more sturdy and credible. Apart from the standard multi-functional pockets, the exterior also features loops, buckles, and belt straps. Since each of our creations is a made-to-measure order, the kilts are put together with utmost care to match your measurements to perfection.

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Tactical Hybrid Kilt