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The Great Kilt

The Great Kilt, also known as "Feileadh Mor" in Scottish Gaelic, is a traditional dress that has been an integral part of Scottish culture for a long time. Its roots can be traced back to 1603. It is put on by Highland clansmen to protect themselves and provide mobility when fighting and hunting. There was a "belted plaid" variation, featuring pleating at the waist. It was usually made of acrylic wool and measured about 5 to 10 meters in length. It was typically worn wrapped around your waist, and after that, draping the rest across the shoulders and over the body. This provided a warm shield against the brutal Scottish weather and gave the freedom to move. It changed over time, and various variations were developed. A popular design included "belted plaid," which consisted of making pleats around the waist and attaching them to the leather belt of leather. This made it easier to move.

If you're the type of person who enjoys watching old films, especially Outlander, you've likely seen the style of kilt I'm referring to. It's called a Great kilt, and it has additional fabric that can be worn over the shoulders. This kilt, made from the finest tartan fabrics, can create a "Braveheart" look. It's perfect for traditional occasions, Highland festivals and formal events. and not just it will make a stylish fashion statement but will enhance the overall attires and wearer's presence too. At Scottish Kilt, we offer the Great Kilt with 'Cheater pleats' for convenience. It can be left pleated. The kilt has fringed edges on the apron. With 'cheaper pleats', The Great Kilt symbolizes Scottish tradition and culture, worn on special occasions. Wrapping it requires practice and skill, but the result is a distinctive look that draws attention.

How to Measure Great Kilt?

Waist Measurement: It is important to determine the waist measurement from your waist measurement as you would measure your pants.

Length Measurement: Take the measurement from your waist to the mid-point of your knee. Get help from a professional because you may muddle the measurements if you do it yourself.

Sizing Tips:

5 Yards: It's ideal for guys who have waists that are up to 34” - 42”.

6 Yards: perfect for guys who have the waists up to 40” - 48''

7 Yards: perfect for guys who have waists up to 46” - 54''

8 Yards: perfect for guys who have waists up to 52” - 60''

9 Yards: perfect for guys who have waists up to 58” - 66''

10 Yards: perfect for guys who have waists up to 64” - 72''

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is this Kilt that is seen during Renaissance Faires?

A. Yes, it is the kind of kilt worn at Renaissance Faires; however, not every kilt from the Renaissance is styled in this manner. You must decide the style you intend to make by wearing it.

Q. What's The Difference Between A Great Kilt & A Modern Kilt?

A. The Great Kilt was a traditional garment worn in Scottish Highlands, while the modern kilt is a shorter and lighter garment that typically falls to the knee. At Scottish Kilt, we offer both types of kilts to meet the needs of our customers.

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