About Scottish Kilt Shop

The original Scottish Kilt dates back to the 16th century where they once had practical appeal. Kilts were worn almost exclusively by soldiers in the beginning because of their thick wool, long lengths and open bodies that allowed for warmth and easy freedom of movement. There were no kilt factories back then, and each kilt was made carefully by hand with pride. Over time, they became a symbol of the heritage and culture of Scotland and began to be worn by everyone.

As time has passed, the long-standing history and art of making kilts has fallen to the wayside in favor of manufactured kilts that have lost their richness and quality. Generic styles are constantly churned out by machines and are made with cheap materials that don't look and feel like the real thing.

At Scottish Kilt, we find that unacceptable. We believe that Scots should take pride in their culture, and that means taking pride in their traditional Scottish dress by wearing premium kilts that reflect that history and honor it all the same. We return kilt making to its original process by creating each one by hand using high-quality materials that you'll be proud to own.

Kilts Made the Traditional Way

When kilts were first made back in the 16th century, there were no factories or manufacturing plants. Each kilt was made by hand by a tailor specifically for the man or boy who was going to wear it. Great care was taken to ensure that the kilt fit perfectly and was a proud symbol of the wearer's lineage.

The first kilt-makers were artists in their own right, but over the years, the art of kilt making has been largely lost. Manufacturing has shifted from the tailor shop to the factory with work being done by machines and generic styles being churned out along assembly lines. As a result, the level of quality one can expect from a kilt has sharply declined.

Scottish Kilt was founded as a return to the traditional method of quilt making. All of our mens kilts are made by hand by our team of 10 tailors out of the absolute best materials. Like the artisans of the past, we make our kilts to measure to your exact specifications. While we take the time to hand make your kilt especially for you, we can still ship it right to your door within 2 to 3 weeks.

What We Carry

When you mention kilts to a person, most commonly the traditional kilt is what will come to mind. Because the kilt originated with scottish tartans materials and represented the clans and families that each Scotsman came from, it is these historical kilts that serve as the main symbol of Scotland. Often, people will not consider the other types of kilts that are out there. While in the beginning that was true, that is not so anymore.

At Scottish Kilt Shop, we offer a large variety of kilts outside of standard tartan kilts. We also offer cotton kilts that feature just as much functionality and storage as they offer style, as well as hybrid kilts that combine the best of both worlds between tartan and utility kilts. Mens leather kiltdenim kilts & tactical kilts are also available for those who want to express their personalities through kilt wearing in a different way and for those who want more options when it comes to where and when you can wear these kilts.

Our Beliefs

Beside our passionate beliefs about kilt wearing and manufacturing, we believe that owning a proper Scottish kilt is crucial. Every proud Scot deserves a kilt they will feel proud of wearing whether you are sporting full kilt dress or are just going out on the town for a day. With our policy surrounding hand making each kilt, we create high-quality kilts that feel great and look even better. We strive to create kilts that will not only satisfy the expectations you have for them, but kilts that will exceed them as well.

We'll Help You Spread the Love

We love our culture and society as much as any other Scot, and we strive to promote them as often as we can. Our appreciation for other people and organizations that attempt to help society or bring Scottish history back into the modern age is something that we are happy to show and not just talk about. Because of this, we help any organization, whether it is commercial or not, by creating low-cost kilts that help them to achieve their mission of spreading culture or assisting in the betterment of our society in any way. This includes those who support and promote the Scottish Highland Games or even those who raise money to fight against cancer and everyone else in between. If you are socially contributing, we want to help you.

Quality Kilts at Unbeatable Prices

We are passionate about giving every single person who wants to wear a kilt the ability to do so. Part of this lies in the way that all of our top-quality scottish kilts for sale come at a low price in order to make them more accessible to our buyers. Our workers are efficient, and we get our materials in a way that minimizes costs for us, so that we can transparently reduce the cost for our customers as well.

Luxurious Materials

We want the kilts we make for you to feel as comfortable as possible while looking their best, and it is for that reason that we use only premium materials in the design and completion of each kilt. Our utility kilts for men are especially soft, thanks to their 100 percent sapphire cotton composition that is remarkably breathable, making them ideal for wear even during sweltering summer days. While offering the softness and breeziness of standard cotton, this particular type of cotton is also remarkably durable and rugged, able to resist wear and tear due to the tight, abrasion-resistant weaving process.

Custom-Made Designs

Our kilts are not only fashioned out of the highest quality materials and made into versatile styles, but we also offer the ability to further customize our kilts. Our casual kilts offer a vast selection of colors, patterns and cuts than you would find lined up in a brick and kilt shop, giving you access to more options to express who you are. With these kilts, we also offer you the chance to include the different types of hardware that you prefer, such as buttons and loops, and you cannot only pick the type but also the metal they are fashioned out of.

Besides the kilts themselves, we also offer different scottish kilt accessories that you can use to make your look stand out more or to achieve a full Scottish kilt dress. This includes a variety of different scottish sporrans made from just as many materials, kilt hose, kilt flashes, scottish hats, kilt shoes & more. In this way, you can achieve traditional Scottish kilt dress by curating matching pieces from one single shop to save you plenty of time and money.

Made to Measure

We want to ensure that you fall in love with everything about your kilt, not just in the way that it looks but also in the way that it fits as well. For this reason, we make every kilt specifically to your measurements to ensure that you get a perfect fit as soon as you pull it out of the box. When you place your order, simply fill in the sizing information, including your waist size, hip size, preferred kilt length and fell measurement, and we will begin making your kilt according to your numbers.

Fast Delivery

Not only do you deserve your very own high-quality, authentic Scottish kilt, you deserve it fast. Scottish Kilt Shop provides fast shipping that other companies simply do not. Where often it can take months for an online order to be received, that isn't the case with us. Our business model allows us to expedite the orders and get your made to measure kilts sent to you in only three to four weeks instead of three or four months.

Love It or Burn It

At Scottish Kilt Shop, we are positive that you will love your kilt. This is why we put so much effort into each piece we craft with love. Even though we trust our process and our final results, we understand that there is always a bit of uncertainty when ordering anything online, and that extends to things like kilts as well. For this reason, we offer an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee policy that we call the Love it or Burn it guarantee.

This guarantee lets you take the kilt that you are unsatisfied with to a safe burning location and catch it on fire. Burn the kilt, take a picture or video and send it to our email to have your purchase fully refunded straight to your account. This guarantee extends to every single part of the kilt, including issues with the stitching or workmanship, quality of the fabric, unsatisfactory strength or quality of the hardware and buttons, the finishing and cutting of any other feature of the manufacturing.

Wearing a kilt is so much more than just the act of wearing it, it encompasses and shows off everything you love about your Scottish heritage in a way that is iconic and stylish. Your love of kilt wearing is important to us, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you love shopping with us, including the process of picking out the kilt, ordering it, wearing and even getting your refund in the event that you are not absolutely in love with it. With nothing to lose shopping online with us, there's no reason not to go search out your new favorite kilt today right here at Scottish Kilt Shop.

Explore our collection of kilts and Celtic wear now or feel free to contact us for shopping assistance at (800) 999-0100 or support@scottishkiltshop.com.


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