Gothic Kilts | An Ideal Combination Of Tradition & Fashion

Proficiency of skill is undoubtedly of supreme importance in any work environment. But a little show of appearance isn't going to hurt anyone, or is it? So, how does the idea of a killer Gothic Kilts sound? No bloodshed involved, promise. We just took up the customs of kilt-making and incorporated in it some pop-culture drama. The modern English gentleman can now get their hands on this unconventional recreation and enjoy its fierce and fiery nature. Our men's gothic kilts are a class not only apart but also supremely practical. With all their pockets, partitions, and extra belts, they are an ideal work companion. When combined with glossy black colors, antique buttons, and silver hardware, you may even dress them up for your next night out. Their heavy-duty fabric, front-open cuts, and gothic detailing are bound to strike every eye in the room on you.

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Gothic Kilt for Steampunk
Modern Gothic Kilt With Silver Chains
Cybergoth Riveted Kilt