Sublimated Printed Kilts

Tradition With A Touch Of Art

Your choice of kilts represents your pride in the Scottish traditions. So, how about a kilt that grants you individuality, not only through unique aesthetic but through the very fabric detail? While tartans represent patriotism well, but a unique print showcasing art is a class of its own. That is precisely what our Utility Sublimated Kilts do for you. You will get to choose a background color of your choice, and your product will eventually feature interesting artwork and details. All this uniqueness while compromising nothing over the functionality of a utility kilt! The fabric's breathability remains, the pockets continue to exist on both sides, and belts, loops, and buckles will still make your life easy. So, adorn yourself in our Utility Sublimated Kilts on a particularly laborious workday and outshine every other employee.

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Majestic Eagle Print Kilt