Argyle Jackets | Why Wear a standard size that does not fit!

Argyle Jackets are traditional jackets that are worn with Highland dress kilts. This style of jacket is often complete with both pocket flats and gauntlet cuffs that give it the traditional Scottish style you love, and the front cutaway is designed to allow you to wear it easily with a sporran. The Argyle Jackets sold here are designed to easily fit into any of your favourite kilt outfits and come in a number of shapes and styles, making them perfect for any occasion. Choose to get your jacket in a plain fabric or tartan fabric depending on the styles and colors of kilts that you want to wear it with. Regardless of the style you choose to purchase, each jackets will be completely made to measure, taking into consideration your shoulder width, sleeve length, back length, waist size, hip size and chest size, promising a comfortable fit right out of the box.

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Custom Made Tartan Argyll Jacket