Hybrid Leather Kilts

Bold, Traditional & 100% Genuine Leather

The industry loves its leather and the Scotts their kilts. What better than engineering a way to combine two classic entities of fashion and together putting half the garments out there to shame? We present the supremely versatile Hybrid Leather Kilts. The sophistication of leather and Scottish tartans, in this single entity, is sure to be the game-changing outfit for all occasions. The kilt structure is traditional with elements of personalization. Beneath a leather overlay in your choice of color from seven options, is your tartan design. Our extensive range of customization allows you to mix and match several prints, thus creating a product that signifies your Celtic heritage the best. Additionally, the product is a made-to-measure fit that comes with the option of many add-ons. Bold and fierce, or sophisticated and mild, opt for elements that resonate with your style and enjoy the versatility of these hybrid leather kilts.

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