Tartan Plaid Pillows & Cushions

Expressing your love of your Scottish heritage does not have to be limited to your style of dress. When you want to express both your personality and your love of your culture while lounging in the house, you can do so with the selection of Tartan Plaid Pillows/cushions here at Scottish Kilt. We offer a variety of different Pillow cushions for you to choose from, each one made with the same top-quality as our kilts and other tartan accessories. Inside of each cushion is plenty of stuffing to help you feel supported while you're laying your head atop it, resting against it, or sitting on it. The pillows cushions have fringe along the border to provide a textured and detailed appearance. With over 1400+ different tartans to choose from, there is sure to be a pillow cushion here to suit your tastes and fit into your decor.

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Tartan Cushions & Pillows Covers