Combat Kilts

The Kilt For The True Patriot

Few garments stand at par for a true Scott, as does the traditional kilt. Our classic Tactical Kilt sets the bar very high in this regard. In fact, there is yet to emerge a competitor that offers greater patriotic value than a Tactical Combat Kilt! Not only does it exhibit the authentic aura of Celtic heritage, but it also takes inspiration from the camo prints of the British army. The next time you step out in this bold khaki and brown kilt, you would be redefining what it truly means to manifest pride into one's heritage. Our in-store Tactical Combat Kilt is multi-functional macho military-wear, ideal for rugged work environments. With two detachable pockets on either side and a box pleating at the back, the kilts are breathable and practical all together. As a made-to-measure product, you have the liberty of adorning the garment with your choice of accessories.

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British Military Camo Kilt