Scottish Kilt Loyalty Rewards

How does the Scottish Kilt Rewards work?

You earn points every time you shop with Scottish Kilt Every 5 points you earn is equivalent to $1 USD savings on your next purchase. You can also earn points in many different ways, from signing up for an account to recommending friends or sharing on social media. We'll even give you points on your Birthday! From time to time we will also run promotions where you can earn extra points!

I already made an account on your website, do I need to make another?

If you already have an account with our website, you are automatically enrolled.

How do I redeem my points?

Check out this video to see how points can be redeemed.

Do my points expire?

Yes Ducat Coin will expire after two year after you've earned them.

Do Royalty Tiers expire?

Nope! Royalty tiers are based on lifetime spend and do not expire. Once you're a Royalty you will always be recognized as one.

How do I check my points balance?

Simply log into your account.

Can I use my points during a sale?

Normally you can use your points during our sales and events. But during some deeply discounted items or special promotions, we may prohibit the use of coupon codes and points (Black Friday and Preorders events for example).

Can I use a coupon code and my points at the same time?

Sorry, you can only redeem points OR use a coupon code, not both. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of our checkout functionality.

What happens when I return a product?

When you return a product to us and we give you a refund, we will also deduct the same amount of points earned during that initial transaction.

Can I apply my points towards shipping or taxes?

You cannot redeem your points for shipping or taxes. Occasionally we will offer free shipping as a perk through the program or it be a redeemable option.