Galloway Tartan

Galloway is a territorial name that originates from the former Celtic princedom in south-west Scotland. It is also the name of a modern district that encompasses counties including Wigtownshire, Kirkcudbrightshire, and part of Dumfries-shire. The name Galloway can be traced back to the sixteenth century, where it was found in Dunbartonshire, with other families bearing the name appearing later on the east coast of Scotland. Robert Galloway, born in 1752, was an author of poems, epistles, and songs in the Scottish dialect. The Galloway tartans were designed by Councillor John hannay in the 1930s to provide a way for those without a clan tartan to express their attachment to a specific area or district of Scotland, specifically Galloway in this case. The Galloway clan's crest features a mound adorned with the sun's rays, embraced by two corn-ears in saltire, and ensigned with a crosslet in gold. Its motto, "Higher," speaks to the clan's aspirations. The Galloway clan is armigerous, meaning it has no recognized chief.
The Galloway tartan is a plaid with stripes of green, white, and red, designed by Councillor John Hannay in the 1930s. It represents the natural beauty, history, and resilient spirit of the Galloway region in South East Scotland. The colours of the tartan symbolise the lush green landscape, pure waters, and fierce people of Galloway. It unites the people of the region and creates a shared sense of identity. Today, the Galloway tartan remains a beloved symbol of Galloway, worn with pride by those who call it home.
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