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The Scott's kilt and the military camo print join hands to form a Tactical Fashion Kilt. These are garments infused with an immense aura so, why limit them to the rugged outdoors or military services? After all, when traditional clothing carries such charisma, it is shameful not to have styled them into an everyday wardrobe. Here's how you can do it: get yourself one of our Tactical Fashion Kilts. Say goodbye to the traditional look of the jeans and get these urban tactical kilts on to nail the country boy look! The heavy-duty construction and choice of hardware is the ideal way to reignite the Scott within modern outlook. These Tactical Fashion Kilts promise aesthetics as well as utility. They come equipped with detachable carpenter pockets, belt loops, and a perfect, comfortable fit.

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Tactical Utility Kilt
Tactical Fashion Kilt
Tactical Modern Kilt