Acid Wash Denim Kilts

Classic Fashion At It's Best

Few garments emerge to become part of a mind-blowing legacy, as did the acid-wash denim in the 80s. To bring back the classic gradient, we blended it with the iconic traditions of kilt-making. Now, what happens when two of the most delicate garments are put together as one? Magic. Presenting; the very versatile and bold Acid Wash Denim Kilts, exclusively at the Scottish Kilt Shop. Our in-store collection for these fusionist kilts is vast, with designs featuring double fabrics and even tartan prints available. You also have the option to choose between dark blue and black denim. While all of our products are made-to-order designs, the personalization doesn’t end there. Opting to get pockets, buttons and any hardware for the kilt is up to you. You can also choose from several matching items from our add-on list to make the acid wash denim kilt experience worth it.

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