Complete Kilt Outfit - Premium Tartans

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Traditional Scottish Kilt Outfit | Premium Tartans

At the Scottish Kilt Shop, we are honored to present traditional Scottish fashion for the modern English gentleman in you! Our take on the classic Traditional Scottish Kilt Outfits come in a variety of designs for you to draft your perfect ensemble. It is an all-inclusive collection that allows you to choose between 1400+ tartan prints, a range of colors, and accessory options to make the final product a reflection of your taste. Tartan Kilt Outfits with the appropriate styling and matching add-ons, namely sporran, bowties, fly-plaids and Kilt Jackets, can be worn to formal events as a special Scottish dress. We also have outfits that accompany best on casual day-outs by combining them with the Ghillie shirts, hose, flashes and what not! Trust our dedicated design team to help you through the creative process so you may shine bright in the true colours of your heritage.