Stone Wash Denim Kilts

A Scott’s Dream Come True

With their unconventional worn-in appearance, flexibility, and softness, stonewashed denim has been all the rage in the market. After all, don't we all love the versatility and texture of a good denim garment? If you are one of those hard-core denim fans, we at Scottish Kilt Shop have a treat for you. Presenting the Stone Wash Denim Kilts, the kilts for the modern Scott gentlemen. No more having to choose between tradition and trend. Owing to its sophistication and comfort, you are sorted for all occasions with our stonewash denim kilts. Using the stonewash gradient as a base, we stitch and pleat the kilt using the most modern means of production. As for the detailing, you are the master of your ship. While each kilt is traditionally accurate, the made-to-measure product is up for customization to your desires.

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StoneWash Blue Denim Kilt