Tactical Hiking Kilts

Practical, Fierce & Strikingly Dramatic

Manoeuvrability, comfort, and dependability are just a few of the many attributes a good hike outfit should have. Now consider a traditional Scottish kilt, which is yards of heavy-duty fabric pleated around the waist. Rings a bell? A kilt, with all that breathing space and rugged construction, would make an ideal hike outfit. Now, throw in some versatile tartan prints, and with our Tactical Hiking Kilts, you're good to take your next hike by storm. They come with pockets, belt loops, waist loops and carry the true essence of a utility kilt. From the stitching to the pleating, everything is remarkably in character. So that; your hiking skills shine just as bright as your appearance. Every tartan in-house is already a made-to-order design. With these Hiking Kilts, however, we take customization a step further. Acknowledge your Celtic heritage at its core and choose the tartan design of your clan from these Tactical Hiking Kilts.

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Tactical Modern Kilt