Denim Kilts

When in Doubt Wear Denim Kilts

Denim is universally known as one of the most versatile fabrics a person can wear. Whether you intend to just step out for the day in casual wear or are wanting something comfortable to lounge around in, denim kilts are the way to go. At Scottish Kilt Shop, we take the comfort and appeal of a denim kilt to the next level with our selection of Denim Kilts that come not only in a standard style but also in utility and hybrid varieties. Double the convenience of a kilt with the inclusion of pockets and hooks on a utility kilt or up your style by incorporating the tartan fabrics in a hybrid kilt. Available in several shades of dark and light denim, all styles are all made from high-quality materials and are completely made to measure to ensure a perfect fit.

Raw Denim Kilts
Raw Denim Kilts

Raw Denim Kilts

The True Modern Kilts

Stone Wash Denim Kilts - A Scott’s Dream Come True

Presenting the Stone Wash Denim Kilts, the kilts for the modern Scott gentlemen. No more having to choose between tradition and trend. Owing to its sophistication and comfort, you are sorted for all occasions with our stonewash denim kilts. Using the stonewash gradient as a base, we stitch and pleat the kilt using the most modern means of production.

Kilt Styles | How often do you wear a kilt?

Yes, they most certainly are! In fact, kilts and kilt styles never quite left the world of style trends. One of the oldest and most timeless fashion staples, kilts are fine, elegant garments for men that come in a number of different patterns, materials, and styles to choose from.