Stewart Of Fingask Modern Tartan

The Stewart of Fingask Modern Tartan is a Scottish tartan pattern that is associated with the Stewart of Fingask clan. The origins of the clan can be traced back to the 13th century. The Stewart of Fingask clan is a branch of the larger Stewart clan, which has produced many notable figures in Scottish history, including Mary, Queen of Scots. The Stewart of Fingask Modern Tartan features a combination of muted greens and blues, with highlights of white and black. The pattern is a modern take on traditional Scottish tartans and was designed in the 20th century.Interestingly, the name "Fingask" means "white ridge" in Gaelic, which may explain the use of white in the tartan pattern.
The Stewarts of Fingask were known for their military prowess and were involved in many battles throughout Scottish history. Today, the clan is still active and continues to uphold its traditions and heritage. The Stewart of Fingask Modern Tartan is a popular choice for those looking to honor their Scottish heritage or for those simply looking for a stylish and modern tartan pattern.
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