Pilette of Kinnear Tartan

The Pilette of Kinnear Tartan embodies a rich tapestry of Scottish heritage, uniquely woven into its design by the Scottish Tartans Society. This tartan was crafted with precision to honor the Barony of Kinnear near Wormit, Fife, reflecting the storied lineage and the scenic beauty of its location. Inspired by the Duke of Fife, the tartan incorporates armorial colors in a distinguished overcheck pattern, which echoes the regal aura of Scottish nobility. It is the chosen tartan of Baron Michael Jean Pilette (Vlug), making it a symbol of both personal and regional pride. The crest—a crescent emerging from a cloud with a star shimmering between its horns, surrounded by palm branches—symbolizes peace and victory, rooting the tartan in deep philosophical foundations with the motto, "Errantia Lumina Fallunt" (Wandering lights deceive). As it belongs to an armigerous clan without a clan chief, this tartan also represents the unique communal identities of Perthshire, tying wearers to the broader narrative of Scottish history and culture.
The Pilette of Kinnear Tartan features a robust dark green backdrop, intersected by bold stripes of black and red, with complementary thin lines of yellow and sky blue. This color palette not only reflects traditional Scottish tartan aesthetics but also adds a vibrant contrast, making it visually striking and easily recognizable. Each color has been chosen to represent elements of the tartan’s lineage and the natural beauty of the Scottish landscape.
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