Nisbet Ancient Tartan

The Nisbet Ancient Tartan reflects the rich heritage of the Nisbet clan, tracing its roots to the 12th century in Berwickshire's Barony of Nesbit. This distinguished clan has made an indelible mark on Scottish history. Through centuries of loyalty and bravery, they have remained steadfast. From William de Nesbite and Thomas Nisbet in ancient charters to the courageous acts of Philip de Nesbit, James Nisbet, John Nisbet, and Adam Nisbet during Edward I's reign, their allegiance to crown and country was unwavering. Adam Nisbet of Ilk, honored by Robert the Bruce, exemplified this commitment by providing a knight to the King's army. During the Civil War, Alexander Nesbitt stood by Charles I and later served as Sheriff of Berwick. The Battle of Philiphaugh brought tragedy to the family, with Philip, Alexander's son, meeting an untimely fate. However, Adam Nisbet's son, Alexander Nisbet, became a renowned heraldic authority, leaving a lasting legacy through his seminal work, the "System of Heraldry" published in 1722. Today, this tartan proudly represents this illustrious lineage, symbolizing the enduring spirit and heritage of the Nisbet clan. The recognition of Robert Anthony Ellis Nesbitt as the chief by Lord Lyon in 1994 further solidified the tartan's significance. It serves as a timeless reminder of the clan's remarkable contributions to Scottish history.
The Nisbet Ancient Tartan boasts a captivating blend of red, green, black and white colors that pay homage to its noble heritage. Rich hues of red symbolize the courage and ardor displayed by the Nisbet clan throughout history, while deep green evokes the lush landscapes of Berwickshire, their ancestral home. Contrasting with these vibrant tones, black signifies strength and resilience, while white represents purity and integrity. The sett pattern showcases intersecting lines and squares, intricately weaving these colors together, creating a visually stunning tapestry that captures the essence of the clan.
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