Mouat Tartan

The Mouat Clan also known as Monte Alto family, meaning "of the high mount," originated in Wales and settled in Mold, where the family name was shortened to its territorial version. The first recorded member of the family in Scotland was Robert Montealto during the reign of David I, believed to have migrated from Wales. The family rose to power during the reign of William the Lion, acquiring lands in Angus and the lordship of Fern of Ferne. The family's surname has been written in several ways, including Mouhat, Mouhaut, Muhaut, and Muhauth. Members of the family were witness to several charters and agreements, including one between the bishop of Moray and the Earl of Mynynteth. Bernard de Monte Alto accompanied Princess Margaret to Norway but drowned along with several others on their return trip. William de Mahaut signed a letter to Edward I of England regarding the proposed marriage between Edward II and Margaret, Maid of Norway, and pledged allegiance to Edward I in the Ragman Rolls. Mowats were settled in Ayrshire and Edinburgh in the fifteenth century and can still be found in Caithness and the Orkneys, where the name is pronounced "Mode." Axel Mowat, a descendant of the Mowats of Balquhally, was a wealthy admiral in the Norwegian-Danish navy. The family's name has been spelled in various ways, including Meuatt, Mohuat, Mout, Movat, Mowait, Mowaite, Mowit, and Mwat.
This tartan features a rich and colorful pattern that incorporates blue, green, black, and yellow tones. The blue in the tartan is thought to represent the sea, which was a major part of this clan's livelihood as seafarers. The green in the tartan is believed to represent the fertile lands of Scotland, while the black is said to symbolize strength and power. Finally, the yellow in the tartan is thought to represent the wealth and prosperity that this clan enjoyed over the centuries.
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