Moore Tartan

With a rich and storied past, the Moore Tartan carries the spirit of the Lowlands within its intricate weave. Rooted in Gaelic tradition, this tartan reflects the proud heritage of the Moore clan. Dating back to ancient times, the Moore clan's history intertwines with the very fabric of Scotland. A savage's head couped, depicted at the crest, symbolizes the strength and resilience of the clan. Their motto, "Durum patientia frango" (I overcome difficulty by patience), echoes the steadfastness and determination that has characterized the Moore clan throughout the centuries. Derived from the Gaelic word "Mor," meaning large, the name Moore signifies the clan's prominence and influence in the region. In the annals of Scottish history, the Moore clan can be traced back to the remarkable events of 367 AD when Fergus Mor emerged as a formidable leader. Invading Scotland, he valiantly defeated the Romans and established himself as the first king of Dalriada. This pivotal victory marked the beginning of the illustrious lineage that embodies the Moore Tartan today. Though the clan does not currently have a chief, its armigerous status only adds to the mystique and allure of the Moore Tartan. Owning a piece of this tartan is like holding a tangible connection to Scotland's vibrant past and the indomitable spirit of the Moore clan.
The Moore Tartan boasts a captivating color palette that pays homage to its heritage. Predominantly adorned in shades of green, blue, black, and yellow, this tartan harmonizes the lush landscapes of the Lowlands with the indomitable spirit of the Moore clan. The intertwining threads create a mesmerizing interplay of hues, invoking a sense of history and tradition. From the deep greens reminiscent of rolling hills to the vibrant blues mirroring the Scottish sky, the colors of the Moore Tartan evoke the essence of Scotland's natural beauty.
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