Macrae Hunting Tartan

The Macrae Hunting Tartan stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Clan MacRae, a prominent Scottish clan with origins rooted deep in the Scottish Highlands. With disputed accounts surrounding their exact emergence, it is widely believed that the clan traces its roots to Clunes near Beauty Firth in Scotland during the 14th century. One of the most notable chapters in Clan MacRae's history unfolds against the backdrop of the Jacobite Rising of 1715. During this tumultuous time, John MacRae of Conchra and Lochalsh led his fellow clansmen to join the ranks of the rebel army. This act of loyalty and courage underscored the deep-seated dedication that Clan MacRae held to their cause. An intriguing facet of the clan's history lies in the very fabric of their tartans. In the early days, Scots utilized locally available resources such as berries and seaweed to dye yarns. This ingenuity resulted in the creation of the first Clan and District tartans, each representing the distinct origins and identity of various clans. The 1746 Jacobite Rising brought with it a period of adversity for traditional Highland wear. The British Parliament's ban on such attire cast a shadow over the popularity of tartan. However, this setback merely fueled the resilience of tartan, propelling it to become an integral part of modern fashion and an enduring symbol of Scottish heritage.
Then there is the vivid palette of the Macrae Hunting Tartan, where colors and patterns weave a narrative of tradition and identity. With hues of blue, green, red, black, and white, this pure New Acrylic Wool Tartan captures the essence of the Scottish landscape. The colors come alive, reflecting the lush greens of rolling hills, the depths of tranquil lochs, and the fiery spirit of Scottish history. The distinctive sett pattern, meticulously crafted, represents the very essence of Clan MacRae's journey, a testament to their enduring legacy.
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