Macleod Hunting Muted Tartan

The Cornish Tartan is a modern tartan that has its roots in the traditional tartan designs of Scotland but with a unique Cornish twist. The tartan was developed in 1984 by Cornovi Creations of Cornwall, as a more subdued alternative to the bright and bold Cornish National Tartan. The Macleod Hunting Muted Tartan has a rich history dating back to the late 18th century when John Mackenzie used the Mackenzie tartan in 1771 to raise the regiment called "Lord Macleod's Highlanders." The Mackenzies asserted their claim as the heirs to the chiefship of the Macleods of Lewis, following the death of Roderick in 1595. The designer of the Cornish Tartan believed that tartan was a common heritage of all Celts, not just Scots, and so created a design that incorporated all the colors of the first national tartan but with a yellow background. Cornwall, located in the southwest of England, has a rich cultural history that dates back to pre-Roman times.
This Modern Tartan was derived from the Mackenzie tartan and adapted to create a unique pattern. The Cornish people have their own distinct identity, language, and traditions. The Cornish Tartan is a symbol of that unique cultural heritage and has become popular not just among the Cornish people but also among those who appreciate its striking design. The Cornish Tartan is a versatile design that can be used in a variety of ways, from clothing and accessories to home decor and gifts. It has also been used by a number of organizations and businesses as a way to show their connection to Cornwall and its culture. Today, the Macleod Hunting Muted Tartan is still worn with pride by members of the Macleod clan and is a popular choice among those who appreciate its heritage and significance.