MacFarlane Hunting Tartan

The Clan MacFarlane is a Scottish clan that is known for its warrior spirit and fierce loyalty. The clan is believed to have originated in the region of Argyll, in the western part of Scotland. The name MacFarlane comes from the Gaelic language, and it means "son of Farlan", with Farlan being a personal name that was common in ancient Scotland. The clan's motto, "This I'll Defend," reflects their commitment to protecting their people and their way of life. The history of the MacFarlane clan is steeped in legend and folklore. According to tradition, the clan was founded by a man named Parlan, who was a descendant of the ancient kings of Scotland. Parlan was said to have been a skilled warrior and a leader of his people. Over time, the MacFarlanes became a powerful clan, and they were known for their bravery and their fierce loyalty to their chief.
The MacFarlane Hunting Tartan is a symbol of the clan's proud heritage. The Clan MacFarlane traces its lineage back to the Earls of Lennox through Gille Chriosd and his brother Maol Domhnaich, who held the title of Earl of Lennox and was granted the charter for the lands of Arrochar of Luss. The MacFarlanes were able to maintain control of these lands for centuries until the demise of their last chief. What sets the MacFarlane Hunting Tartan apart from others is its unique pattern. The tartan features a pattern of green, blue, and black stripes, with thin white stripes in between. The green and blue colors represent the Scottish landscape, while the black stripes represent the dark, mysterious forests that were once home to the MacFarlane clan. The tartan is worn by members of the clan as a badge of honor, and it is often used in traditional Scottish dress.