Maccoll Tartan

The MacColl tartan has a rich history that dates back to 1797 when it was produced by Wilson's of Bannockburn under the name of 'Bruce', later known as 'Old Bruce'. They have been considered as potential ancestors of Clan Donald, although there exists a traditional account that places them in the vicinity of Loch Fyne, within Campbell territory, and suggests that they were affiliated with Clan Campbell. The MacColls are a branch of the Clan Donald who settled around Loch Fyne. Some of the clan living in the Ballachulish area took protection from the Stewart of Appin. Interestingly, there is a strong similarity in the pattern structure of the 'Appin' and the MacColl tartans, which suggests a close relationship between the two clans. The MacColl tartan is a testament to the rich Scottish heritage and the significance of clan identity in Scottish culture.
The Maccoll tartan is a distinctive plaid that represents the MacColl clan. The tartan features a base of forest green with a pattern of black, white, and blue stripes. The MacColl tartan is a variation of the ancient Campbell tartan, which was adopted by many clans in the region. The MacColl tartan was officially registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority in 1965. The MacColl tartan has a rich history and symbolism for the clan. The green color represents the forests of Argyll and Bute, where the clan originated. The black and white stripes symbolize the rocks and waves of the coast, while the blue stripes represent the waters of the lochs and rivers in the region. The MacColl tartan is a testament to the clan's deep connection to the land and sea of Scotland.
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