Long Tartan Skirt - Velcro

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Long Tartan Skirt

A skirt is a timeless piece of women's clothing that is found in practically every woman's closet and is every bit as versatile in style and cut as the diverse women who wear them. One of the best ways for women to show off their Scottish heritage while still adhering to common women's styles comes in the form of tartan skirts just like this one. This skirt sits high up on the waist like a standard kilt would and serves to not only add kilt-like flair to it but also to flatter your form just as well. From there, the design billows out into a flowy, beautiful ankle-length skirt that is not only remarkably feminine and beautiful but also comfortable as well. Its loose-fitting nature and fabric made from acrylic wool make it a lightweight and comfortable skirt that can even be worn in the hottest of weather. Just like all of our kilts and kilt skirts, this one gives you plenty of options to choose from in terms of style and color, so that you can find the one that best represents your style or shows off your regional or familiar pride. Each one is entirely made to measure.

Product Reviews