Freedom Tartan - Limited

The Freedom Tartan is a relatively new tartan, created in 2012 to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath, a historic document that declared Scotland's independence from England in 1320. Freedom is a name that is predominantly found in Africa, with 70% of individuals with this name residing there. Of these, 65% are located in West Africa and 65% reside in the Atlantic-Niger region. It is interesting to note that globally, it is the 18th most frequently used forename. A total of 12,845 people use this name. The tartan was designed by Scottish tartan designer Brian Wilton, and its colors and patterns are meant to symbolize Scotland's history and culture. The colors used in the Freedom Tartan are blue, white, green, and gold, with black and red accent stripes. The blue represents Scotland's skies and seas, while the green symbolizes its hills and glens.
The white represents the purity of Scotland's cause for freedom, and the gold represents the wealth and prosperity of the country. The black and red stripes are a nod to Scotland's iconic black and red lion rampant, which is often featured on the country's coat of arms.
The Freedom Tartan is meant to be worn by anyone who wants to show their support for Scotland's independence and its rich history and culture. It is often seen at Scottish festivals and events and is popular among Scottish ex-pats and members of the Scottish diaspora around the world. It is a beautiful and meaningful tartan that celebrates Scotland's past and present and inspires hope for its future.