Drummond Grey Tartan

Explore the history of the Drummond Grey Tartan, deeply tied to the esteemed Drummond Clan. Originating in Perthshire, Scottish Highlands, this tartan has strong connections to Drymen, Stirlingshire. The Drummonds trace their ancestry to the 11th century, led by Yorik, a Hungarian prince, and Princess Margaret Atheling. Throughout the Wars of Scottish Independence, the clan played a significant role, with notable figures like Sir Malcolm Drummond and James Drummond, the 1st Earl of Perth. Drummond Castle, a remarkable Scottish fortress, stands as their stronghold since the 15th century, offering visitors a glimpse into their rich heritage. The clan's loyalty to the Royalist cause during the Battle of Bannockburn led to their integration with the Royal line and the creation of the Barony of Drummond. Despite challenges faced during rebellions, the Drummonds endured and returned to their ancestral lands in 1784. The Drummond Grey Tartan represents elegance and distinction, crafted in the early 20th century during a revival of Scottish tartans.
This exquisite tartan features a captivating interplay of grey and white stripes, intricately woven to create a harmonious symphony of colours. Grey symbolises wisdom and balance, complementing the purity of white. Together, they represent the Drummond Clan's unwavering spirit and commitment to tradition. The Drummond Grey Tartan honours its heritage with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring authenticity in its historical design.
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