Davidson Tartan

The name of this clan comes from, Clan Dhai, from the first chief known to be David Dhu. In earlier times, the chief was known in the form of "Invernahaven". Around 1350, they joined the Clan Chattan Confederation of Clans and had a dispute regarding the clan's precedence Macpherson.
Some historians believe that this dispute led to the famous fight at the North Inch of Perth in 1396 when thirty members of each clan battled against one another in the presence of the King. The majority of the Davidsons were killed, and thereafter the clan was not well-known. It was the Davidsons were from Tulloch as well as those of the Davidsons from Central were both influential branches of the family during the 18th-century. It is believed that the Tulloch branch is today regarded as the branch with the highest status. The Davidson tartan colors are dark green, navy, black, and red.
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