Chinese Tartan

In 2006, a tartan was born, weaving together threads of history and diplomacy, known today as the Chinese Tartan. Crafted with meticulous care, this tartan serves as a living emblem of strengthened relations between two vibrant cultures. Inspired by the esteemed Consul General Madame Guo Guifang, this tartan symbolizes the enduring spirit of cooperation and harmony shared by the Chinese and Scottish people. Designed by the talented Heather Yellowley, this tartan captures the essence of friendship and collaboration, reflecting the rich tapestry of cultural exchange. It's available in both light and medium weights, woven with precision at Strathmore, Scotland, a testament to the craftsmanship rooted in Scottish tradition. The colors that adorn this tartan pay homage to the flags of both Scotland and China. A striking orange background forms the canvas upon which the story unfolds, adorned with bold blue and pink thick stripes that stand as a testament to the strong bonds formed. Interwoven with finesse are delicate yellow and white stripes, symbolizing the intricate threads of cultural exchange that have woven these nations together.
The Chinese Tartan is a striking plaid pattern that captures the eye with its vibrant colors. An orange backdrop forms the stage for this tapestry, upon which thick, bold stripes of blue and pink dance in harmony. Interspersed among them are subtle, elegant stripes of yellow and white, adding depth and character to this unique design.
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