Burns Modern Tartan

In the beginning, when Burns Tartan was first suggested by Robert Burns tartan should be developed, the initial idea was to model it after the Campbell family - with that the Burns family was closely linked however, after much debate the decision was made that it was better to base it after an overcheck that was black and white Shepherd's Check.
The overcheck introduced "the invisible gray' and a 'that', and a hint that evoked green fields was also added. The other variants include Burns Heritage Check and Burns Heritage Tartan. In June 1959, the Burns Federation accepted the design with the requirement that all products be manufactured in Scotland. Burns Modern Tartan can be used to be worn for any occasion or event. The Tartan is typically composed of Acrylic Wool and is characterized by deep red and green and brown shades with blue and white lines that make the tartan lighter and give it more balance.
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