Brown Modern Tartan

The present chief will be Sir Wayne Broun of Coulston, Bt 14th Baronet of Colston. Different variations of the word "Brown" exist in all European languages. In France it's called the wordle Brun as well as in German Brun is also known as Braun as well as other variations. include Bron, Browne, Brown, Browne, Brune, Bruin, Braune, and Broun. The name "le Brune" ('the Brown') is located in Cumberland just a few years following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, a period that this vast part of northern England formed an integral part of the Scottish kingdom.
The family of le Brune could have been one of those Norman warriors as well as their families and retainers who moved to England and later Scotland following the victory. The name is also mentioned on the map of Scotland in 1128 when Sir David le Brun is recorded as witnessing the founding document in the Abbey of Holyrood Abbey. Brown Modern Tartan can be used for every occasion and event. It is generally composed of Acrylic Wool and is characterized by blue, black, and red shades with green lines that help lighten the tartan, and give it some balance.
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