Fashion Denim Kilt

Fashion Denim Kilt

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With the Fashion Denim Kilt, you can enjoy the casual comfort that denim provides in a comfortable and stylish kilt. A utility kilt, you can ensure that you have all of the pocket space you need while also enjoying the abundance of hardware that makes this kilt as useful as it is stylish. This kilt is made to measure, ensuring that you can enjoy the perfect fit no matter what your measurements are. Choose your own measurements from the list provided. It includes measurements such as hip size, waist size, kilt length and fell measurement. You can choose the color and type of the hardware provided so your kilt is customized just the way you like it. If you require any other unique modifications, you have the chance to get them as well.

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  • Materials and Features
  • Cloth: 100% Cotton
  • Pleat: Box Pleat
  • Button & Hardware: Rust Free

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