Armstrong Tartan

Delve into the captivating saga of the Armstrong Clan as you embrace the rich history woven into the fabric of the Armstrong Tartan. Hailing from the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, the Armstrongs have etched their name in the annals of time with a motto that resonates to this day: "Invictus Maneo," a testament to their indomitable spirit and unwavering determination. Step back in time to 1610, when Archibald Armstrong of Mangerton, the final leader, met his end in a daring cattle raid on Penrith, embodying the clan's fearless pursuit of honor. The Armstrong Crest, adorned with fierce symbols like lions and a crescent moon, encircled by an intricate border, reflects their noble lineage. Gilnockie Tower, the steadfast sentinel built in 1520 by Johnnie Armstrong, still stands by the River Esk, guarding tales of trials, triumphs, and enduring resilience. Originating from the Scottish Borders and Northumbria, the Armstrong Clan's battle prowess and pivotal role in Anglo-Scottish conflicts have left an indelible mark on history.
This distinctive tartan, adorned with shades of green and navy, interwoven with passionate red and bold black stripes, exudes a captivating aura that echoes the heart of the Armstrong clan. Each hue carries a tale of landscapes kissed by nature, evoking the lush greens of the Scottish Highlands and the deep blues of its expansive skies. The vivid red and stark black stripes, like brushstrokes on a canvas, tell of the clan's valor and legacy. With precision and care, we present to you Armstrong Tartan's sett pattern, a masterpiece of intricate design that stands as a testament to our commitment to authenticity.
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