Macnicol Tartan

The MacNicol tartan has a well-defined history and design, with two recognized tartans for dress and hunting, each having three color variations. Clan members and friends of the Clan who show allegiance to the Chief of Clan MacNeacail are authorized to wear the tartans of the Clan. The tartans were precisely defined and recorded in the Books of the Court of the Lord Lyon Writs Section on December 21, 2001, pursuant to the petition by the late Chief, Iain MacNeacail of MacNeacail and Scorrybreac. The tartans are based on the ones illustrated in Color Plates Nos. 8-13 of the Clan's history book, The Highland Clan MacNeacail (MacNicol) A History of the Nicolsons of Scorrybreac. The thread count given for the Hunting tartan applies to tartans (Plates No.) 8, 10, and 12 in the book, while the Dress thread count refers to tartans (Plates No.) 9, 11, and 13.
The MacNicol tartan features a striking combination of colors, including red, blue, black, and green. The dominant color in the tartan is a rich shade of red, which forms the background for the other colors to pop. The bold red lines run horizontally and vertically across the blue, giving it a strong, eye-catching appearance. Black and green stripes are woven into the tartan, adding depth and balance to the overall design. The MacNicol tartan's color scheme reflects the colors of the Scottish landscape, with blue representing the skies, green representing the rolling hills, and red symbolizing the fiery spirit of the Scottish people.
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