Guthrie Tartan

Guthrie Tartan is a herald to the glorious history radiating the glory and majesty of the clan's great heritage. Our custom made Guthrie Tartan is sure to take you back in time to the glorious era of the Scottish Guthrie Clan which stands true to the spirit of the clan motto: Sto Pro Veritate (I stand on account of truth).
The Surname Guthrie originates from Guthrie's Barony, near Forfar, in Angus, and from Guthrum, a 9th-century Scandinavian prince. The Laird of Guthrie accompanied Sir William Wallace back to Scotland from France in 1299, and this is the earliest mention on record and even today. The legacies of their glorious past can be worn and felt, our very special Custom Made Guthrie Tartan Outfit. From emphasizing the lining and keeping the fabric extremely friendly to wear in all seasons, the Guthrie Tartan is surely a remarkable gift for your loved ones.