Gray Hunting Tartan

Gray Hunting Tartan is an era-neutral tartan design that does not have any particular connection to the Scottish clan. It is considered to be a universal tartan. It is accessible to anyone regardless of the lineage of their ancestors. The name may originate from the city of Gray which is located in Haute-Saone, France. The first name for this name within Scotland has been Hugo de Gray in 1248 and was the witness of the act of Walter de Lundin. John Gray, mayor of Berwick was present during the transfer of this land over at Soltre's Hospital of Soltre between 1250 and the year 66.
We are aware that Tartans are used as symbols that symbolize Scottish traditions and culture for many years, and the Gray Hunting Tartan is no exception. The patterns and colors are distinct. It is a distinctive design. Gray Hunting Tartan is characterized by shades of green and grey that is typical of traditional Scottish tartan fashions. The popularity of this modern and versatile tartan makes it a popular choice for kilts, scarves, and other clothing items and accessories. Even though it does not have any connection to a particular clan the Gray Hunting Tartan has grown to become a highly admired and revered component of Scottish tartan customs.