Farquharson Ancient Tartan

The Farquharson Clan is a Scottish clan that can trace its history back to the 14th century. The clan takes its name from Farquhar, son of Shaw, who lived in the Braes of Mar in the Scottish Highlands. Throughout its history, the Farquharson Clan has been involved in numerous battles and conflicts, including the Jacobite Risings. They were known for their fierce loyalty to their leaders and their bravery in battle. The Farquharson Clan derives its name from Farquhar Shaw, the fourth son of Alexander "Ciar" Mackintosh, the fifth Chief of the Clan Shaw, who moved to the Braes of Mar. The clan has a rich and storied history, with one of its members tragically killed at the Battle of Pinkie in 1547 while serving as the King's standard-bearer. In 1595, the Farquharson family joined the Chattan Confederation, cementing their place in Scottish history. The stunning Braemar Castle has been the family seat for generations and stands as a testament to the clan's enduring legacy.
The Farquharsons were passionate supporters of the House of Stuart, and in 1689, John Farquharson of Inverey pledged his allegiance to Bonnie Dundee, and John Graham of Claverhouse. The Farquharson Ancient Tartan is a beautiful and distinctive design that features a range of colors, including red, green, yellow, and blue. The pattern is made up of thick horizontal stripes that are separated by thinner lines, creating a striking and eye-catching design. In modern times, the Farquharson Clan remains a close-knit community with a strong sense of tradition and pride in its Scottish heritage. They continue to celebrate their history and culture through events such as Highland Games and traditional ceilidhs. The Farquharson Ancient Tartan is a powerful symbol of the clan's history and legacy. Whether worn to celebrate Scottish heritage or as a stylish fashion statement, the tartan is a meaningful and significant way to connect with the traditions of the Farquharson Clan.