Austin Tartan

Clan Keith is a historically powerful Scottish clan with a rich and complex history. The clan's name, "Uisdean," is believed to have Norman origins and was first recorded in Scotland in 1115 at Scone. The clan badge features a stag's head, erased, and the Latin motto is "Veritas vincit" (Truth conquers). The Keiths were once one of the most powerful clans in Scotland, holding the hereditary title of Great Marischal of Scotland until it was forfeited in 1715. The Keiths have a storied history of feuding with other clans, particularly the Irvines, and fighting for land disputes in Caithness against the Gunns. Aberdeenshire has the largest concentration of people with the Keith name, and there are close ties with the Marshalls and Austins, who share the same tartan patterns. The Austin family is a sept of Clan Keith, and the families have always supported each other. The Keith clan motto, "Veritas vincit," reflects the clan's values of truth and justice. The clan crest, featuring a stag's head atop a crown, is a symbol of the clan's power and prestige.
The Austin Tartan, which is used by both the Keiths and the Marshalls, features a beautiful pattern of black, blue, and green. The design consists of thick, bold lines of black and blue that are interspersed with thin, lighter lines of green. The overall effect is striking and eye-catching, making it a popular tartan for both formal and casual occasions. The tartan's name, "Austin Tartan," reflects the close ties between the Austin family and Clan Keith. The tartan has a timeless and classic look, which is why it has been used for centuries and continues to be popular today.
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