Alberta Tartan

The Alberta Tartan is a distinct plaid that is associated to Alberta, a Canadian province known as Alberta. The tartan was created to commemorate the rich heritage and culture of the province as well as to highlight the distinctive nature and character that is Alberta and its inhabitants. Alberta Tartan Alberta Tartan is an emblem of pride for all living in Alberta and is frequently used at festivals, cultural events, and other occasions. The name is in honor of Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria who was the Canadian Vice-Regal Consort during the time her husband was Governor General of Canada. It is the Alberta tartan is predominantly light green and light blue in shade as well as white and black as well. Materials and swatches can be purchased from this site. A selection of items that are available in our store Alberta tartan (plaid) is accessible by clicking on the appropriate sections in our shop.
The Alberta Tartan has a striking blend of blue, green, and red stripes over white background. The stripes of green are designed to represent the forest and rolling hills of Alberta The blue stripes are a representation of the many lakes and rivers. The red stripes are a symbol of the abundance of Alberta's natural resources as well as its long-standing position as a major center of commerce and industry. The Alberta Tartan is a symbol of the province's rich and long-running history. It was been in the 1960s as part of an initiative to honor the rich heritage of the province. In the course of time, the tartan has grown into an emblem of Alberta as well as its citizens and is widely acknowledged as an expression of pride and heritage.