Celtic Knot Buckle For Kilt Belt

Celtic Knot Buckle For Kilt Belt



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Celtic Knot Buckle For Kilt Belt 

The Celtic Knot Buckle for Kilt Belt is a traditional belt buckle that features classic Celtic knot work. It is designed to be worn with any kind of kilt, from tartan to leather to utility alike. It is square in shape, which lets it fit right into any of the kilt accessories or styles you are wearing it with. It has a silver tone to it, and it features a textured back ground that makes the smoothness of the Celtic knot work on top even more prominent. This belt buckle is made out of fine quality metals in order to ensure it lasts for many wears to come due to its resistance to rust and corrosion of any kind. It easily attaches to kilt belts.

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  • Materials and Features
  • Thistle Mount Buckle
  • Material: Metallic Buckle
  • Color: Silver Color Buckle
  • Buckle: Rust Free

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