Wishart Hunting Tartan

The Wishart Clan is a Scottish clan with a rich history dating back to the 13th century. The clan takes its name from the Old English word "wis," meaning "wise," and the Old Norse word "hjartar," meaning "heart". The Wishart Tartan is a one-of-a-kind tartan that was created by Dr. David Wishart in collaboration with the Scottish College of Textiles in Galashiels. This tartan features an innovative sett that blends the Wallace and Douglas tartans, resulting in a truly unique design. The name signifies the clan's reputation for wisdom and bravery in battle. The Wisharts were prominent in the Scottish Wars of Independence, fighting alongside William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.
The clan's history is also associated with medicine, as several members were physicians and healers.
The Wishart Hunting Tartan is a traditional Scottish tartan that embodies the spirit of the clan. The tartan features a striking pattern of green, navy blue, and white, with thin lines of red and black running through it. It is a reflection of the rugged Scottish landscape and the traditional hunting grounds of the clan. The tartan is a popular choice for those who wish to display their Scottish heritage with pride, and it is often worn at formal events such as weddings and ceilidhs. The Wishart Hunting Tartan is not only a symbol of the clan's history and tradition but also a testament to the enduring beauty and cultural significance of Scottish tartans. Its unique blend of colors and intricate pattern captures the essence of the Scottish Highlands and evokes a sense of pride and belonging in those who wear it. Whether you are a member of the Wishart Clan or simply a lover of Scottish culture, the Wishart Hunting Tartan is a beautiful and timeless choice for any occasion.