Tartan Cufflinks - Made to Order

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Tartan Cufflinks - Choose Your Tartan

Now you can hold your cuffs together by wearing your heart on your sleeves. Our specially designed tartan cufflinks are made to order. You can choose a tartan of your choice to pay homage to your clan and heritage. They are made from acrylic wool and the wool is 100% heavyweight but overall the finished product is featherweight. These cufflinks are mounted on traditional T-bar fastening. We are not using cheap fabric as others do as a result our products are durable. They give the look of tartan buttons with chrome borders. We know that minor details of dress counts, which is why we provide you a perfectly finished product with proper detailing. You can choose from over 1400+ tartans to match your specified tartan. It can be worn with a suit or even with a shirt. Additionally, you can pair them with your kilt for a great finishing addition. They are definitely going to add a touch of celtic heritage. For any highlander, these will stand out as a unique and very personal addition to any well dressed man.

Product Reviews